By Alyssa Gregory

7 Niche-Focused Microblogging Sites

By Alyssa Gregory

Whether you’re a Twitter user or not, it’s hard to dispute that Twitter has quickly dominated the microblogging market and left little room for other microblogging sites to stake a claim. But Twitter can’t possibly meet every need of every user, so there is room for other microblogs to pick up where Twitter has left off; namely, by focusing on specific niches.

Here are 7 microblogging sites that focus on very specific niches for targeted users.


A microblog focused solely on video status updates, in 12-second bursts. You can record any way that suits you (browser, web cam, mobile phone, etc.) and use the 12seconds site to share your videos directly or post on Twitter, Facebook and your blog.



Blellow is a productivity microblog for freelancers and professionals. The overall mission is to encourage open collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. The site features threaded replies, groups separated by topic, jobs and projects board, meetups, and more. See the review published last year on SitePoint.com for more info.



A location-based microblog that helps you keep up with friends and places. Brightkite lets you pick friends, rate updates, search posts, and share across other networks such as Twitter and Facebook.




Another extremely popular location-based site that lets you “check-in” so you can share your whereabouts and be found. The site helps you keep track of the things you’ve done, create to-do lists and even suggests new experiences. With foursquare, you can earn points, get badges and unlock freebies.



A microblog focused on shopping that allows you to bookmark your favorite items, exchange ideas and comments about products, and create visual collections of items.



A microblog that facilitates networking and collaboration between entrepreneurs globally. Sprouter is a platform for users to connect with other entrepreneurs with similar interests and goals by answering the question “What are you working on?” in 140 characters or less.



Yammer is a microblog tool for organizations, allowing people to connect and share at work. It’s a platform for organizations to allow internal networking and collaboration.


None of these fit the bill for you? Check out Yonkly and create your own niche-focused microblog. With Yonkly, you can integrate a microblog right into your own blog, provide a platform for internal communication at your company, or offer targeted communication with clients and prospects.

Do you have a favorite niche microblog, does Twitter meet your needs or do you just think microblogs are a waste of time?

  • Andy Cairns

    As someone who suffers frequently from procrastination, I’d recommend private microblogging. To keep my procrastination in check, I microblog once per hour during my working day. In the microblog, I give myself a score out of 10 for productivity and write about anything that distracted me or some positive feeling about the work I’ve achieved.

    By doing this, I get a regular ‘nudge’ to get back to work if I’m drifting and I also have a good account of what’s putting me off so that I can do something about it.

    Before I did this, I found that I didn’t do anything about losing concentration until it was too late. I’d look back at my day and realise all the time I’d wasted. Now I can catch myself before it gets too bad.


  • mikebrady

    Went to sign up at Blellow, and the email from them was sent into my spam box (I use gmail).. and after activating, the link took me to the login page where Chrome stopped me and warned that the site’s security certificate has expired. I clicked continue anyway and logged in just fine.. just something to be aware of.

    I’m guessing when they renew their security certificate their emails will no longer go to the spam box?? And of course the warning by chrome will go away.

  • I used Yammer while working at the BBC. Didn’t really see the point as all my work colleagues were on Twitter anyway…

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