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10 Hosted Shopping Cart Solutions To Get You Selling Right Away

Sean P Aune

Ecommerce just seems to continue growing and growing, and it is becoming almost a requirement that all merchants have an online presence of some kind.  We’ve already covered shopping carts that you host yourself, but sometimes it is nice to just walk in to some place that is ready to go and can take you only a few minutes to set up if you play your cards right.

This is where hosted shopping carts come in handy as they allow you to remove the headaches of maintaining your server, dealing with software issues and more.  These solutions may cost a little bit more, but you can almost view it as saving you money compared to hiring an IT person.

We’ve gathered up 10 of the best solutions that will let you get set up in no time flat, so take a look through and see which one best serves your needs.

Business Catalyst: Adobe’s Business Catalyst, formerly known as GoodBarry, is built with an eye towards allowing developers to fully customize an online store for clients with little to no need for coding.  The service is completely white label so that you can insert your company logo, or that of your client so that they only see the information you choose.  Features analytics, Dreamweaver extensions, easy management and more.

Flying Cart: Flying Cart allows you to build ecommerce sites that vary in size from 50 products up to 1,000, depending on your needs.  There is only a monthly fee and no transaction fees, so depending on what you’re selling this could work out better for you than some of the other solutions.  You can use your own domain name, accept all major credit cards, process through SSL and more.

GoEmerchant: GoEmerchant provides you with solutions to build a full ecommerce store, you can simply add purchase buttons to your existing site if you want.  The company also has a merchant gateway that can be used on an iPhone so that you can take credit card payments virtually anywhere at any time.

ProStores: Powered by eBay, ProStores is a full ecommerce solution that lets you set up an online store using their provided templates, or you can hire a designer to give your store a unique design.  While it isn’t required, you do have the option to also list your items on eBay if you would like to.

Shopify: Shopify is a template-based online store solution that provides you with an easy set up for any type of store, and then gives you numerous templates to choose from.  Thankfully, you can also customize the site as you see fit because most of the templates look like very basic WordPress templates, but once customized the sites look great.

StoreFront: StoreFront specializes in customized solutions for businesses that are tailored to the needs of companies of all sizes.  Their systems integrate with many third-party software packages, multiple merchant gateways, offer up customized store designs and a whole lot more.

uShops: You can sell just about anything you want on uShops for free for the first six months, and then a nominal fee will be charged there after.  This gives you the chance to get your site up to speed and see if your idea will even work before you start paying for it.

WebStore by Amazon: The leading online retailer in the world has come up with a hosted shopping cart solution that allows anyone to use the power of Amazon’s shopping technology on their own branded site.  You also have the option of not only selling the items on your own custom WebStore, but you can also sell the items on the main Amazon site like any number of third-party sellers already do.

Yahoo! Merchant Solutions: The Yahoo! shopping site has been around for years and features an extremely robust shopping cart that allows for cross selling, discounted sales, creating gift certificates, wish lists and a lot more.  The site features several templates you can choose from or you can have your store custom designed. But be warned that Yahoo! uses an unusual language that usually takes specialized designers to work on it, so it can get expensive to customize your store.

Yokaboo.com: A simplified store system that only allows you to accept PayPal, but lets you set up a store quickly and with a look of your choosing.  Perfect for smaller merchants such as small record labels, artists, jewelry makers and more.