By Alyssa Gregory

10 Remote Desktop Access Apps for Enhanced Client Support

By Alyssa Gregory

This week, I’ve written a few posts on providing virtual training and support for clients and some of the tools you can use to do that.

Yesterday, I shared a list of 30 screen capture tools that can make training and support a quicker and more productive activity for both you and your clients. Today, I’m focusing on 10 applications that allow you to access your client’s computer remotely.

Anyplace Control

Anyplace Control provides secure remote access over a LAN, WAN or Internet connection. Features include file transfer, remote power management, double password protection and remote access alert. There are three licensing options based on the number of connections needed.
anyplace control

Apple Remote Desktop 3

Apple Remote Desktop for Mac OS X provides remote access to other Mac computers. Features include searches across multiple systems, more than 40 Automator actions, a Dashboard widget, and user history and reporting. For remote support functions, you can use the Remote Drag-and-Drop copy function to copy and paste between local and remote systems. The software includes access to 10 managed systems.
apple remote desktop


BeAnywhere provides access to see and control a remote computer as well as file transfer functionality without the need to pre-install software on the client’s computer. BeAnywhere is priced per support technician.
be anywhere


GoToMyPC allows you to remotely access a Mac or PC from any web browser in real time. Features include automatic setup, 128-bit AES encryption, remote printing, file sync and transfer, and sound. Several monthly plans are available.


LogMeIn lets you connect to remote computers from any Internet-connected web browser. Features include file transfer, file sharing, remote to local printing, remote to local audio, diagnostic toolkit, alerting and monitoring, and advanced reporting and analysis. Account fees based on the number of computer connections.
log me in


RealVNC provides remote control software with features including Mac OS X access (Enterprise edition), server authentication and 128-bit AES session encryption, printing functionality, file transfer, integrated address book and chat. RealVNC provides both free and paid licensing options.


ShowMyPC provides desktop sharing and remote PC access. Features include integration with your web site, chat and white board, desktop and audio recording, file and application sharing, and integrated Mac and Linux support. There are several subscription plans available.


SkyFex is a remote support solution that allows desktop sharing and remote desktop control. Features include 128-bit encryption, no software installation required, and firewall/proxy transparent. Free and paid plans available.


TeamViewer lets you establish instant connections to any computer over the Internet over an AES (256 Bit) encoded session, and includes features such as integrated file transfer, browser-based access, and optimized display quality. The service is free for non-commerical users and has several licensing options for business accounts.


UltraVNC is software that provides access and control of another Windows machine from a remote location. Features include data encryption, chat functionality and file transfer. The software is free under the GNU General Public License.
ultra vnc

  • Jeroen B

    I want to add another app named Crossloop which I used with great result especially with less techy users.

  • Dameware with LDAP support: http://www.dameware.com/ for larger networks.

  • cob

    TeamViewer is a great product. We used VNC for the longest time but it just doesn’t cut it.

  • Eric

    I second the Dameware shout. We use it to manage multiple off-site locations and love it! The only bad thing is my monthly car mileage reimbursements have disappeared! :-(

  • wildscribenyc

    I’ve had good results with Fog Creek Software’s Co-Pilot. ( http://www.copilot.com ) Works on Mac, Winodws and Linux. It’s $5 per day and free on weekends. There is also monthly subscriptions.

  • James Oliver

    BeAnywhere has the best cost/benefit by far: $59/month or $490/year. Unlimited computers, including file transfer capability!
    Careful with the link. It’s http://www.beanywhere.com

  • I was a hairsbreadth from recommending the built-in remote features in Spiceworks, until I remembered that’s just a front-end for Windows RDC.

  • Tim

    UltraVNC is much faster than RealVNC and the forum support is pretty good. It also has a single click installer that you can brand as your own so your clients can run it, it installs and connects to you, then removes itself when your done helping them out. Excellent for non tech people

  • Skinny

    My company has to use both of the types of processes you have written about, on screen instruction and remote access for our clients. We use Adobe products. For sending or posting click by click instructions. We use Adobe Captivate for click by click instructions and for working directly with a client on their desktop,(laptop) we use Adobe Connect. Of coarse there is some expense involved.
    Also to work through design comps we use Corel as our vector software (personally like it better than Illustrator)and it has a handy app called Concept Share.

  • SDshooter

    Don’t forget webEx PCnow, now owned by Cisco. It’s just over $10/mo.

  • jenn5500

    Another good one is RHUB’s TurboSupport. http://www.rhubcom.com It offers remote support and remote access together in 1 product. Plus you can also do multi-tiered support with it.

  • tscully

    Remote Administrator is very nice too.


  • Mal Curtis

    I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned plain ‘ol Remote Desktop built into Windows. We’ve used a combination of Remote Desktop and LogMeIn to manage clients for the last 3 years.

  • Thiago Almeida


    Have you heard about Mikogo? It’s a free remote desktop access, application that allows you to share your screen with up to 10 participants for free, in a secure and easy to use way. Mikogo also provides remote acces for remote support and is available both for Mac and PC, check it out!

    Visit the Mikogo website at http://www.mikogo.com

    Thiago Almeida
    The Mikogo Team

  • Amen for Mikogo! It’s just what we always wanted! Thumbs up from our team and our customers :)

  • Chris

    Umm…where is Proxy Networks? They make a fantastic remote desktop software that I feel is superior to almost all of these offerings. I hope to see them in your next comparison and I am confident they will come out at or near the top.

  • Daniel Endy

    I’ve used Goto Meeting and it is great, but a bit pricier than we would like at $50/mth.

    Has anyone heard of DimDim? http://www.dimdim.com
    They have a free version for up to 20 attendees, and $25/mth for up to 50 attendees. This is all on a month-to-month basis.

    We have started to use Zoho, which has an amazing amount of features and functions including a remote meeting system which we have not tested yet. http://meeting.zoho.com/ This is free for one-to-one meetings, $12/mth for up to 5 participants, then several more sizes up up to $50/mth for up to 100 participants.


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