DesignFestival: Design Festival Podcast #14: CSS3 Gradients or SVG Backgrounds

By Simon Pascal Klein

Welcome back everyone! I caught up with SitePoint lead designer Alex Walker and master of the “Cicada Principle” to have a chat about limitations and banalities of CSS3 gradients and where SVG backgrounds could suitably replace them. Download this Episode You can download this episode as a standalone MP3 file: Design Festival Podcast #13: David Airey on Freelancing  (MP3, 01:03:44, 62.3 MB) You can subscribe to the Design Festival Podcast  either directly  or via iTunes —  add the Design Festival Podcast to iTunes . Episode Summary Presenters Simon Pascal Klein  ( @klepas ) Alex Walker  ( @alexmwalker ) Content Rundown Intro: Graphically, CSS3 is awesome — rounded corners, shadows, transformations, … However CSS3 gradients are a bit unwieldy — rudimentary linear or radial gradients, bothersome syntax, varying support across the browsers, … Alternative? Maybe use SVGs

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DesignFestival: Design Festival Podcast #14: CSS3 Gradients or SVG Backgrounds

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