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Form UX: Sometimes Even Apple, Google and Amazon Make Mistakes

Jessica Enders, 3 days ago
Jessica Enders looks at how even the giants of digital media can slip up in their web form UX.
Design & UX

A Guide to Sketch's Inspector Tool

Adam Rasheed, Jun 07
Are you at a loss for how to get into Sketch's tools and interface, or are you perhaps an experienced user who needs a brush up? This...
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7 Ways to Nail Your Branding Like a Boss

Andrew James, 4 days ago
Branding expert Andrew James looks at seven things small business owners should consider when building their branding.
Design & UX

How to Prepare Design Deliverables with Sketch

Adam Rasheed, May 31
In this video, we'll show you how to use Sketch to prepare and deliver your files for your clients. We'll work with artboards, show you...
Design & UX

The Stock Photography Survival Guide

Angela Molina, May 30
This screencast is SitePoint's first webinar! Alex Walker is here to discuss stock photography with us. We'll cover the legalities of...
Design & UX

How to Take Advantage of the Psychology of Speed Perception

Claudia Elliott, Sep 19
We know that users are less patient and we need to reduce waiting times. But there are also tricks to help us 'bend time' in our favor.
Design & UX

How to Use Sketch's Measure Plugin

Adam Rasheed, May 24
In this video, we'll be going over the Sketch Measure plugin. This plugin lets you create annotations in your Sketch document, show...
Design & UX

The Great Prototyping Debate: Software vs Hand-coding

Alex Walker, Sep 16
Visual prototyping tools are fast but lack the flexibility of hand-coded HTML prototypes. Why not both? Pingendo is a visual tool based on...

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