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Are You Participating in Blog Action Day?

Alyssa Gregory

This Friday, October 15, is Blog Action Day. It’s an annual event that unites bloggers in every blogging genre who post about the same issue on the same day in an effort to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion around an important issue.

This year, the topic of discussion is water. From the official Blog Action Day site:

Right now, almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s one in eight of us who are subject to preventable disease and even death because of something that many of us take for granted.

Access to clean water is not just a human rights issue. It’s an environmental issue. An animal welfare issue. A sustainability issue. Water is a global issue, and it affects all of us.

Watch this video for some details about why this topic was chosen:

You can participate by adding your blog to the 3,600+ registered blogs and posting on the topic this Friday. Or, you can sign the petition to show your support for the UN’s efforts to bring clean, safe water to millions globally, or donate to the cause.

Are you looking for ideas on water-related topics you can post on your blog? Here are a few topic ideas that freelancers and business owners could use on their typically business-oriented blogs:

  • Ideas on how technology can help preserve water
  • What you can do in your home and/or office to use less water
  • How your business/life/family would be different if you didn’t have access to clean water

I will be blogging about a water-related topic on my blog this Friday, and following the discussion to learn new ways I can help make a difference.

Will you be blogging about water on Friday? Have you participated in a previous Blog Action Day?

Blog Action Day, founded by Collis & Cyan Ta’eed, has covered the environment, poverty and climate change since it’s beginning in 2007.