I'm trying to change some tables into CSS.
Example here:

The bottom score / info table is made using old style HTML. I'm trying to reproduce that with CSS with the top one. I'm using an unordered list in this case. Two problems:
* In IE 5.5 the text has an indent (as usual with lists)
In Mozilla this indent doesn't exist. If I set indent to, say, -15px, it looks good in IE, but not anymore in Mozilla. How to solve this?
* How can I reproduce the 1px border? Again, IE does things differently than other browsers. Styles on the <LI> tag also take effect on the outer edges for some reason. So in one browser it has a 2px border at the top and bottom, in others just a 1px border.

Also, I was wondering what the cleanest way would be to make the pros / cons / conclusion three column table in CSS.

By the way, don't mind the broken images or the text, it's just a temporary test file.