First to start off, I just bought Eric Meyer on CSS and it is an awesome book. I am going to be going to the site pretty soon to check out his work. Now, on to the questions.

Going through the book, i have come across several things that have puzzled me.

I understand if between the <style></style> tags you have

table {border: 2px solid red; margin: 3px;}
because that means that any table elements in the page will have a 2 pixeled solid red border with a margin of 3 pixels around

I also understand that when you have this:

table td {padding: 0; border-width: 0' blah blah blah}
That all table cells will have a 0 width border, blah blah.

Now is where I get lost, and the book doesn't clear it up for me.

instead of just having #title, it is read as

td#title {attributes here}
what does that preceding element represent. Obviously a table cell, but why does it procede the ID?

And to further my confusion, this is thrown in

tr td#crumbs {attributes here}
I completely understand after the pound sign, that is the ID and its attributes. I can't figure out now why a table row with a table cell would procede it. Notice the bold so you know what I am talking about

One more for the road.
This is from the book

<td id="leftside">
then in the style they have

td#leftside {width: 120px; background: #EBDAC6;}
td#leftside td {whatever in here}
td#leftside table {whatever in here}
Can you break that down for me.