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    different results depending on browser


    I am having strange results happen. I don't know if anyone has come accross this before, or might know what is causing it...

    I am trying to use a third party script called Squito Gallery. it is (should be) a nice gallery program. It uses language files, and some how this is it's down fall.

    It replaces everything that is grabbed from the language files with the letter "N". This only happens so far on my mac browser Internet Explorer. However, everything works great on Netscape.

    The author seems as baffeled as I am and I really would like to understand what would make this happen. Judging by the forums, others have had the same problems.

    We started some trouble shooting and by Changing this:

    PHP Code:
    echo ($this->lang['string'])?$this->lang['string']:'string'
    to this:

    PHP Code:
    echo $this->lang['string']; 
    The code used to make everything grabbed from the language files as "I" Now everything is an "N". Weird no? Here are some screenshots:

    Internet Explorer


    The code to this software can be grabbed from the developers site at:

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    what happens when you view-source ? same code or not ?

    remember that the browser only ever gets the output and PHP is totally unaware of the browser at all times.

    + does the script rely on $_GET or $_POST input ? IE is better at adding escape chars and automatically urlencoding strings than NS (at least pre V5) , simple mistakes like not urlencoding() strings etc or

    <input value=<?=$var;?> ...
    instead of
    <input value="<?=$var;?>" ...

    etc, used to give me heaps in NS4 but I dont use NS4 anymore and check in Moz only when I have to.

    If you go XHTML compliant I dont think these issues can affect you - get validated !


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