Hi everybody,

i'm trying to make editable link list, where people who come to my page would put their favorite links. When someone arrives to my page for the 1st time he would just see My link 1, My link 2 etc. and that would be unchanged until the person changes it. I hope you understand what i want. I want visitor to be able to put his own links in that menu. I've been told that can be done with cookies, but i don't know how to do that.I'm using PHP. So I should be able to save a cookie on visitors computer and read the links from cookie file. If he doesn't change the links, then the script will just show My link 1,2....
Anyone know how to do it?

I have another question. I would like to program my own poll script in PHP. Where should I start? Any good scripts already written which I could modify? The point is that I have to make my own poll script, because others put their ads and stuff in results.

Thanks everybody in advance