Does anyone know how to make a picture into a button? I cannot believe that it cannot be done?! I have been trying and trying for the past 2 hours, but I cannot seem to do it. The reason I want to do it is so that I can write on the web site click the image to be taken to another window, rather than have a little button that looks boring. Please - can anyone help me?

The JAVA-Script below is what I am using. It is used to open a smaller window where a password can be entered. The button that appears on the page is represented by the HTML:
<input type="button" value="Enter Here" onClick="gateKeeper()"
which can be seen below. I believe it is the ““button”” bit that I need to change to a picture.

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">
<!--- Hide from tired old browsers
var nifty_little_window = null;
function gateKeeper() {
nifty_little_window ='woodstonclothingcompany.html', 'theKeeper',
// End hiding --->
<input type="button" value="Enter Here" onClick="gateKeeper()"

I very much thank you for reading my query and i look for in anticipation to a reply... :-)