I coded 2 cgi perl scripts to do the following(these were my first, so please dont laff).
1). To populate a web page with a directory listing of zip files that can be downloaded in a formated fashion. This formating includes the date the file was added to the directory, and count of how many times each file has been downloaded. When the web user clicks on the file to download it, the second cgi script is called.
2). The second cgi script updates a text file so that the number of downloads are tabulated, and redirects to the file for download purposes.

both of these cgi scripts works as described, but I want them to include the additional functionality. When the user clicks on the file for download purposes, after the file counts have been updated. The directory listing should be refreashed so that most recent counts are displayed for the user that clicked the download. And also, the redirection should still occur for the downloading of the file.
Ive tried mutiple redirections within the same script, just dont seem to happen. Only one redirection occurs. Also, because I am paying for this web site. And I don't want to waste bandwidth, I do not want to use the html refreash option for the web page.
As a side not, this is a frames page. And if a user clicks redirect, then the introduction pages are then again displayed(seperate issue I will deal with at a latter time). So the refreashing needs to occur within the page of the frame.
To see an example of what I mean, www.awesomechattraining.net under the topic of Dots Corner.
Any sugestions?