Hi all,

I have a form script here:


OK, Iīve downloaded some ASP blog script (www.webwizguide.info) and I have customized this "comments" page (aiming w3c validation). So thereīs 2 files

-the original that came with the ASP script
-the customized one. The above url is the customized one.

Ok, thereīs a javascript routine that checks if one of the fields is empty, and if thereīs any, there should pop up an alert box with the error message upon clicking on "submit" button.

OK, but somehow itīs not popping up, iīv pulled all my hair out trying to figure out, comparing with the original file.

The checkform function in the -HEAD- tag is *exactly* the same as the original, because I did some ctrl-v, and, to be sure, I checked line by line of the script.

so I guess the prob must be under the -FORM- tag, but I canīt figure it out. I checked all the names, and this is bugging me for 2 days now. I would be so grateful if someone explain this to me.

-thanks a lot