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    Beyond HTML - Search Spiders Expand the Menu

    These comments are in regards to the article 'Beyond HTML - Search Spiders Expand the Menu'.

    Also, just as with HTML documents, when you want PDF, Word, and other alternate-format documents indexed, create your text as text, not as images. This might not be such a problem when used for only a few words which are repeated elsewhere in the document, but I have seen PDF documents (example: that are not created as text and are thus unreadable by spiders that are able to read PDF. Spiders don't index what they can't read.

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    I see someone read my post where I said "Feeding on Flash" wasn't a good title considering Flash is only mentioned once in the article.

    Also it was recently brought my attention that Google can index links inside Flash files (not content though) however since the context of link is more important than the link itself the benefit you will get from this wouldn't be much.
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