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    Clearing the GET query string

    I'm working my way through Kevin Yank's new edition of "Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site Using PHP & MySQL" and I love it. Great stuff.

    But I ran into a minor problem. In chapter four, Mr. Yank is explaining how to submit a form to the same page using the following:

    <form action="?" method="post">
    This should, he says, reload the same page and also "strip that query string off the URL."

    When I try this out on my Windows with IIS, I get "The page cannot be displayed." Are there any reasons this wouldn't work? Is there some other way to clear the query string off of a URL? (Other posts simply said, "No," but Mr. Yank seems pretty confident that there is.)

    (Also, maybe this should have gone in a different forum, but I stumbled upon it in a PHP context, so my apologies.)

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    Your action is the script it is posting the values to. "?" isn't a file. With POST you aren't putting anything in the URL.


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