I have a mysql database which contains information which should be used to generate a form. Here is the code that does the generating of the field:
PHP Code:
elseif ($form["type"]=="radio" && $form['name']=="action"){//the name vaue of the table is action
echo "<tr><td><strong>".$form['title'].":</strong><br />".$form['description'].":</strong></td><td>";
$keywords preg_split("/[,]+/"$form['values']);//the visible values of the button is comma separated
$no 0;//the value it should return when submitted
foreach ($keywords as $key => $val) {
"<input type='radio' name='".$form['name']."' value='action ".$no."' />".$val."<br />";
$no++;//increases the return value

This field should have two values (0; 1). When this form is submitted, it should evaluate the value of this radio button and if it is 0, redirect to one page and if it is 1, redirect to another page (after the values of the complete form was inserted into the database) with this as the evaluating code:
PHP Code:
if(isset($_POST['action'])=="0"){//if it is 0
$location "index5.php?userlang=$userlang&orderno=$ordernonext&orderid=$orderid&suc=$suc";//the page to be redirected to (this is above the head and uses a html redirect)
$action 0;//just a diagnostic value to be echoed on the page
} elseif (isset($_POST['action'])=="1" && isset($_GET['multiorder'])==1) {//the value that tests for 1 (and another condition which at testing will always be true (1) to make it not fail)
$location "index3.php?userlang=$userlang&orderno=$ordernonext&multiorder=1&orderid=$orderid&suc=$suc";//the redirection page's location 
$action 1;//again the diagnostic value

The problem is that the form always seems to return a single value (no matter which one was selected). The way it is like this, the first condition is false and the second works. By changing the $no to 1, and make the 0s 1s and the 1s, 2s the first condition works, but never the second one.

What is causing this to happen and how do I make it right?
Any help would greatly be appreciated.