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    weird problem when writing to a div in ns4.7

    hey guys,
    this is really strange. it took me forever to figure out what teh problem is exactly. but even that i know now what teh problem is, i have no idea hwo to fix it.
    take a look at te following page:

    the idea is to display info depending on the country chosen from the drop down menu.
    there are 3 layers: contact1 (first column of contact info), contact2 (second column of contact info), tips (for displaying tips).
    When you just come to the page and choose a country for the first time, it all works fine.
    If you choose a different country, however, the text that's written to the first 2 layers looses its style. It does not matter in which order I am writing to the layers - it is always the last one that keeps the style, and the first 2 do not. I have also tried it with just 2 layers to write to, but the result is the same - the last layer keeps the style, the other does not. It also has nothing to do with errors in creating my variables to contain the text. even if i try to write the same variable to all the layers, the problem is still there.

    then i did another experiment. i just filled my text-containing vars with a string of 2 different words. and then it all seemed to work perfectly.
    so my guess is that the matter is in teh length of my vars and/or teh way they are constructed.
    but what is an alternative way to do it? i have no idea how to create an alternative to my currebt code.

    can anybody help?
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    That's NS4 for you

    You can probably fix this with the liberal application of <font> tags, which kind of makes a mockery of using CSS in the first place. My solution is to take the aproach that "if it's readable in NS4 it's fine by me" - web standards have advanced and if we keep on coding workarounds for NS4 we'll never be able to take advantage of improvements to web technologies. The basic CSS specification is 4 years old now and NS4 still doesn't comply to it - time to move on.


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