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    Which is the best scripting language


    I want opinion from experts that which scripting language is better as I want to start freelancing and want to build my self strong in one scripting language

    I had a chance to work in JSP and PHP both but i cant figure out which is better script language and why do we use php and why jsp.

    Though, many people i know use PHP but i personally found JSP better as some of frame works are easily available and usable.

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    Choosing the best scripting language in many respects is down to individual choice. Most of them perform in relatively equal capacity and have near the same functionality and speed however the four major players to decide between are...

    PHP (Open source, large consumer base, the basis for many frameworks and software)
    ASP / ASP.NET (Preferred by large enterprises, snap in support for .NET programmers)
    ColdFusion (Simple to code with, efficient and managed by Adobe so well trusted)
    JSP (Probably the least amount of users from the top players and perhaps not as widely recognised, it seems to have fallen from the high profile status it once held)

    Of course you have others such as Perl, Ruby and Python and have their own advantages but generally are (in my opinion) better suited for web apps or heavy duty projects opposed to simple scripting.

    Hope thats useful

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    Well, first of all to learn the language you need to use it without frameworks to start with, otherwise you'd be like a fish out of water without that framework!

    PHP is more popular than JSP, so that's a pretty big factor.

    However, being a programmer in a smaller community definitely has benefits - less competition, for one!

    Learning JSP will give you better grounds for learning other C-Based programming languages as it has similarities to C#, and is closer to C and C++ than PHP (which is also C-based).

    However, PHP is easier to learn and you'll get the basics done quicker.

    Want a simple solution to deciding which programming language to learn? Flip a coin.
    Jake Arkinstall
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    Sometimes its enough to make that wheel more rounded"-Molona


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