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    JavaScript? CSS? How to build this??

    I've got a client that wants a horizontal "drop-down" menu but I'm not sure how to create it (other than in flash, which I'd rather avoid)...

    Here's the menu:

    Here's how I've handled drop-downs in the past (in Fireworks):
    Fireworks drop-down
    but it just doesn't look right since the fonts are wrong (since he built it using graphics/non-web fonts, etc.

    Is there a better way to do this using the actual images? Do I need to use div tags? Can it be done in CSS?? Any samples out there? I've looked around and found plenty of CSS horizontal drop-down tutorials, but they all use text...also, I'm not sure how to keep the rollover line on the "Our Work" menu when they go to the


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    There is a free menu builder that uses javascript, and you have a choice of using either graphics or text (or both). It is Free CoffeeCup DHTML builder on the site.

    You can download a pure text and CSS menu from Steve Gibsons website. The direct link to this menu is

    If you do a search, you may be able to come up with many others.


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