I came up with the following piece of code for the "submit articles" page for my site's staff:

<p><b>Review date:</b><br>
<input type="text" name="date" size="45" value="<? echo (date ("Y-m-d")); ?>">

This way the current date shows up as default in the form. The whole mish mash is processed with an INSERT query upon hitting the submit button. See below:

$sql = "INSERT INTO reviews SET ".
"title='$title', " .
"content='$content', " .
"microcontent='$microcontent', " .
"requirements='$requirements', " .
"date='$date', " .
"releasedate='$releasedate', " .

Seems OK to me, but when I check the front end page, the date that shows up is 0000-00-00

The code I use to show the date is


What have I done wrong?