Having a problem and I'm sure its something simple I'm just not seeing. Code makes it to and past my query and prints out affected rows with no errors.
Problem: values are not in database but variables will print out from the code so I know they are not empty..

foreach ($response->product as $product) {

$categorie = "camping";
$small=$product->sku . "SM.gif";
$large=$product->sku . ".gif";

mysql_query("INSERT INTO products(productID,category,productTitle,description,list,smallPic,bigPic,stock,manufacturer,weight) VALUES ('$sku','$categorie','$ti','$fdesc','$list','$small','$large','$qty','$mfg','$wt'");

printf ("Updated records: %d\n", mysql_affected_rows());

echo $product->sku . " - " . $sku . "-" . $wt . "<br>";


Maybe just need some fresh eyes.