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Thread: HTML tables

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    Exclamation HTML tables

    Ok, here's my problem. At the moment i'm writing a HTML form. A person fills out the form and then submits the details with a 'submit' button on the
    bottom of the screen. Then, using PHP the details that the person has entered are used to create a completed copy of the form which the person can
    then print out. In other words when the person presses submit a new page is generated that, using a javascript function, contains a completed copy of
    the form. My problem lies with how i present this info in the form. When a person enters information on the first page its all very straight forward.
    For instance, to enter his/her name i use the following line of code (i've created the form using tables)

    <td><input type = "text" name="persons_name" value = "<?php echo $persons_name ?>" size="43"></td>

    All very straight forward (if someones reading this and asking where did u get the "<?php echo $persons_name ?>" thats not important to the problem so
    don't worry about it)

    As you can see a little text box is created that the person fills their name into. The problem is when i want to then reproduce that on the completed
    form ie. display the persons name, it doesn't quite work. Again i use

    <td><input type = "text" name="persons_name" value = "<?php echo $persons_name ?>" size="43"></td>

    to display the name and this works fine in Internet Explorer. The problem is with Netscape. It doesn't display the persons name because i'm using 'input
    type = "text"'. So what i want to know is how do i as such create an 'output' text box that will hold my information. Before everyone starts replying,
    just use a textarea, that isn't what i'm looking for. All i need is a little box (with NO scrollbar or anything) that will hold the persons name. Sounds
    nice and easy but i can't seem to find an answer. Can anyone help??please!thanks,

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    Please do not cross-post the same problem in different forums.

    All responses to this post should be made here. Thank you.
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