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Thread: MySQL question?

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    MySQL question?

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone could help me out, I'm on the MySQL looking at all the different downloads, I was curious if anyone knew what each one was;

    MySQL GUI Tools
    MySQL Workbench
    MySQL Cluster
    MySQL Proxy

    I just wanted to get a better understanding of the different downloads that MySQL has available, and I really appreciate any help, thanks alot.

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    MySQL GUI Tools includes GUI utilities for server administration, query execution and data migration from other databases.

    MySQL Workbench is a data modeling utility that works with mysql server.

    MySQL Cluster is a specialized version of mysql that does shared-nothing clustering for applications that require that kind of fault tolerance.

    MySQL Proxy is a scriptable proxy server for mysql server. it allows you to write scripts that run between your clients and servers that can modify queries and result sets.
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