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    I am trying to make one of my access data bases into a webpage, I tried to export it as an asp page but for some reason photoshop seams to thing its a file for it to open, then when I asign IE to it tries to connect to the internet even though the page is local and get a blank screen.

    I am very compitent with HTML and learning the finer side of J++ but just in the basic stage.

    can anyone help me??

    Thanx in Advance.

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    If you can get and install Visual Interdeve. it will assume the reference of ASP and load the files when double-clicked but you can just as easily assign it to another program in Explorer.

    Internet explorer shows nothing because ASP has to be parsed by a webserver before the browser can get it to display properly. On your Windows 98 CD you will find PWS. Install that and use it as your server as it can do ASP. If you have Windows 95 or NT 4.0 then go to Microsoft's site and search for it. Your going to download the Windows NT Option Pack (yes even for 95) and PWS will be included in that.

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