I am right at the beginning of my web design "career"! I am reading "Build you own Website the right way using HTML and CSS", and following the instructions to build a sample site. But something isn't quite right. I have 3 pages written in html, which look as they should with IE. But now I am adding a CSS page. I have this copied exactly from the book, and saved in the same file as the other 3 pages. I have put a link, again copied axactly from the book, into the 3 pages of HTML. I have checked the links and code several times. But the CSS instructions eg for Font and colour, are not being followed. The CSS page doesn't appear to be linked to the HTML pages. I have followed the instructions in the book, to "force Reload" the pages, to avoid caching problems, and it made no difference. Also the photo that I have tried to put into the HTml page isn't showing up, just a frame where it should be, even though it is also saved in the same file. I am doing all this offline. What am I doing wrong?