Here's a wild thought; I'd like to list all folders on a network drive on my Windows machine in an Adobe AIR app, and when i click on the folder in AIR, I'd like it to open it in Windows Explorer (or Finder on Mac). I'm guessing this is impossible because of the security implications.

Here's what I'm doing; I've developed a project management system that we're going to use at work. When a project is created, it get's inserted into the database, and a folder is created for it on our server in our local network. All of us here have that server mounted as a network drive. After some time, there will be a lot of project folders, making it hard to browse for a project on the server. So what I'd like to do is to have an interface where we can search for projects, and then open that projects folder on the server in Explorer/Finder.

On Windows, one way to solve it could be to show the path to that folder, and just copy and paste it into the address bar in Explorer. It isn't the most elegant solution, but it would work. However, that doesn't seem to be doable in Finder? You can't just paste in a path in Finder, from what I can tell.

If anyone has any ideas, wild or not, how to solve this, it would be very appreciated!