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    Database Organization

    I am working on a new project. I am trying something new and so wanted some input so that i dont make it tough on myself in the future. I am creating a statistic web application.

    The users will be able to create an account and keep there own separate statistics. There are 6 tables which will be interconnected for each stat account.
    Right now I have two different approaches in mind.
    1.) Use one database and ensure that each entry in each table properly points to one specific user account.
    2.)Create a new database and tables for each user account.

    Is it good practice to layer on multiple users data into a single database? Will that cause any problems in the long run? Or am i just fretting over nothing?.

    I appreciate your help. I am just a hobbyist so my knowledge on web application development is a little flawed.

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    Try a couple of tutorials on database normalization .

    I believe a single database is adequate and preferable to duplicating data in your second approach.
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