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    Strange loop problem with jQuery

    I have an HTML Table:

    1: <tbody> 
    2:    <tr id="forum-list-1"> 
    3:       <td colspan="4" class="container"><div class="show_hide">Second text</div></td> 
    4:    </tr> 
    5:    <tr id="forum-list-3"> 
    6:       <td>forum1</td> 
    7:       <td>0</td> 
    8:       <td>0</td> 
    9:       <td>na</td> 
    10:    </tr> 
    11:   <tr id="forum-list-4"> 
    12:      <td>forum2</td> 
    13:      <td>0</td> 
    14:      <td>0</td> 
    15:      <td>na</td> 
    16:   </tr> 
    18:   <tr id="forum-list-2"> 
    19:      <td colspan="4" class="container"><div class="show_hide">Second</div></td> 
    20:   </tr> 
    21:   <tr id="forum-list-5"> 
    22:      <td>forum3</td> 
    23:      <td>0</td> 
    24:      <td>0</td> 
    25:      <td>na</td> 
    26:   </tr> 
    27: </tbody>
    An array store the value 1 and 2:

    alert(containers[0]); // 1
    alert(containers[1]); // 2

    I want to hide all table row (except container rows: forum-list-1 and forum-list-2). So... I want to hide:

    - forum-list-3
    - forum-list-4
    - forum-list-5

    I need to tell Javascript:

    "Hey Javascript the number "1" exist in "containers" array, find "forum-list-1" and hide all table row until forum-list-2".

    "Hey Javascript the number "2" exist in "containers" array, find "forum-list-2" and hide all table row until forum-list-x".

    == My JavaScript code: ==

    var containerFound = false;
    for (var i=0; i<containers.length; i++)
          $('#forum-list-' + containers[i]).nextAll().each(function()
                 containerFound = true;
             if (containerFound)
                 return false;
    My code work on first container (forum-list-1) but for loop die and not execute on second container. The second loop not run, to check #forum-list-2.

    Any idea how to solve this problem ?


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    As far as I understood you are trying to toggle all <tr> that don't contain <div class="show_hide"></div>. Let's assume that I added <button id="button1"></button> to your html code. Now, let's replace your code with:
    I hope that's what your were going to do. I would really recommend that you quit using <table> for that sort of tasks - using <div> is much more flexible and easier to maintain with css and js.


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