Hello, I am using thickbox to open up different flash videos in an iFrame on a page.

These videos are called by another video inside the root page which then loads the corresponding flash swf into the thickbox iframe.

I have been having a lot of grief with this pluggin the first being that for some reason using it it with swfobject in the iframe seems to disable the javascript functionality from the close and open next iframe buttons in the iframe in Firefox and IE7 (but bizarrely not in IE6).

Secondly the call to the Iframe or script doesn't appear to work at all in Opera, but that I will leave it for now because Opera is not one of our high priority browsers.

But the weirdest issue that I am having happens in Firefox. basically, when you call the tb_open function from the button in the caller flash file:

_root.sendtofriendbutton_mc.onRelease = function(){
ExternalInterface.call("self.parent.tb_open" , "iframe.aspx?TB_iframe=true&height=500&width=400&modal=true");}

It calls the iframe fine, however I see a placeholder for the flash video, I hear the sound for the flash video, I can even see it in the source yet I don't see it on the screen:

<div id="videoplaceholder">
<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="flash/video_1.swf" width="636" height="491">
<param name="src" value="flash/video_1.swf" />
<p>Alternative content</p>

Now, something is obviously obscuring it but now, the biggest enigma is basically that just after I click the close iframe button:

<a href='#' class="close-win" onclick="top.tb_remove();" >close window</a>

I see this bloody flash video appearing for one split of a second just before the window closes...

I have no idea whatsover of what could be happening and "why" on earth it only happens in Firefox.

I'm using thickbox 3.1 by the way. Sounded like such a fabulous idea at first yet it's becoming the worse bug on the website...