Hi there, i would appreciate it so much if somebody could please help me, i have been struggling on this problem for ages and i am not able to resolve it.

i have 1 html file (main page) this files has 4 forms, each form 1 after the other. the separte forms on the main page are used to post data to php files via text boxes and submit button.
for example i have a php file called availablewards, which takes the input from the html file and performs a query inregards to the input given and displays the result of the query.
the html file is like this
<form name ="ward" method= "post" action="availablewards.php" >
this form all so has a submit button that opens up the availablewards.php when clicked on opens the php file in separate window.
<input type="submit" value="Find ward" onclick="window.open('http://localhost/availableward.php')"

however the problem is the new window that opens does not show the query result, it shows blank. the result is diplayed in the main window, main window changes loction to availableward.php. i need for the main window to stay the same and for the query result to show in the newly opened window when the submit button is clicked on.

All help is appreciated. thank you