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    Questions on 'php_value include_path' set in .htaccess

    php_value include_path ".:/home/mg/public_html:/home/mg/public_html/_inc:/home/mg/lib:/usr/local/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php/PEAR"
    I came across this in an .htaccess file on a website that I'm moving from one server to another.

    After moving the site to the new server (everything under public_html was moved), I found this line causes a 'internal server error' page to be displayed. The normal cause of this is when php isn't being run as an apache module, but it is on the new server.

    1) I've found very little around on how this include_path works and the value above (a mixture of several paths) is confusing.

    2) when I remove the line altogether, the error is gone but the application (not developed by me) then has problems (relies on the include paths being set no doubt)

    3) The paths included in that value are not valid anympre on the new server, but even when I change it to the new public_html path - the error is still displayed.

    If it really requires those /usr/ directories then that could be a problem since I don't have access to this level on the server (shared hosting)

    Thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated as this isn't my area of expertise and I wouldn't normally set include paths in this way.

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    You're obviously on a Linux box. However, I believe that the same ; divider (rather than : ) is used in Linux, too (Linux guys, correct me if necessary!).

    As for the location of PEAR, you need to be sure that PEAR is installed at that location. For that matter, you should ensure that your directory is, indeed /home/mg on the new server and upload directories/files into that location.


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    Do you have "AllowOverride Options" or "AllowOverride All" privileges for the directory the .htaccess is in?


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