Hi everyone...

I would like to seek advice from everyone on how to make a company honor their 365 day 100% money back guarantee.

Last year I signed up for eFlitrate through their website and I did so only because they had such an iron-clad, on-the-spot 100% money-back-guarantee. After a few months, I realized that the software did not help me at all and I decided to claim for the money back guarantee.

I have emailed them countless times but I have never gotten a reply at all. They have also been consistently sending their newsletter with promos after promos and I know that they are still functioning.

The first time I signed up, I emailed the owner directly and she replied. After a few months, I emailed the same email address, among others but there was no reply. It has been months now and after so many emails to various email address, there is still no reply. It is very obvious that she is avoiding me.

Can anyone advice as to how to retrieve the $197 that I paid? I wonder how many people has fallen into this 100% money-back-guarantee trap?

Please help!