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    i know that it's relatively easy to pre-load images in HTML, but has anyone ever tried pre-loading java? i have a page with two frames, and while one is playing, i would like to load the java class code for the other. has anyone any thoughts on this? thanx all for your input.

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    I have an idea but it would only work for 4th generation or higher browsers.

    What you can try is this. Place your applet inside a DIV which is absolutely positioned and using style sheets set the invisibility to hidden. In your applet tag enter an onLoad event that will call a function to make the DIV visible by setting its visibility to visible. This would work in the same principle as pre-loading images. If that doesn't work then make a "hidden" 1px by 1px frame. Preload your applets in that frame and once your ready for them you can copy the code from that frame into a DIV of your choice.

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