Based on Kevin Yank's tutorial I've begun using MySQL and PHP to redevelop my own personal websites, and having found VBScript ASP more difficult and less powerful at work over a similar time period, I'm completely sold on the PHP/MySQL route.

We're kitted out almost completely with MS products at work, but I recently mentioned MySQL and it's now being considered as an alternative to MS SQL Server, based on cost.

  • Does anyone have any comparative experience of both products?
  • Does anyone know of any comparative reviews already out there?
  • Is the Windows version of MySQL as reliable/powerful as the Linux one (on either NT4 or 2000)?
  • How good is the ODBC support? We're committed to classic ASP at the moment, so wouldn't have the advantages of the PHP integration.
  • I read that transaction support was missing from MySQL, but was on the to-do list - is this finished, imminent, or a long way off? Are there any other important omissions?

I hope I don't sound too negative about MySQL! IMO it would be brilliant if this worked out, but equally I don't want us to rush into a decision we might regret.

(Sorry if this is a little off-topic, but the dedicated MySQL forum seems to have disappeared and I thought I'd find the experts in here instead...)