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    validation please

    I am trying to validate my site , but I get some errors

    Would u help me to find out what's wrong?


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    You're using an XHTML strict doctype which means that all tags must be closed and all presentation must be handled by the CSS.

    You'll get less errors if you were to use the HTML transitional doctype although personally I'd look to get all the presentational markup into a CSS file anyway.

    Things like width, height, border should all be handled by a stylesheet

    <img> tags will need a closing "/" if you are using XHTML so <img> becomes <img />, <br> become <br /> etc.

    target="_blank" is also deprecated in strict mode so if you need to use this to open a new window then you'll need to use a transitional doctype.#

    Ampersands need to be escaped so & needs to become &amp; in any URL's

    language="javascript" isn't valid. all you need is
    <script type="text/javascript"> to include JavaScript.

    Ensure that any inline elements are contained within a block level element, i.e. <a>'s should be enclosed within <p> or <div> etc

    It looks like the rest of your errors may be knock on effects from not closing img's and br's so I'd fix those first and then see if there are any other outstanding issues.

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    Most of it is because you are using deprecated attributes.

    These errors
    Line 94, Column 53:
             character "&" is the first character of a delimiter but occurred as data.…
    ://" alt="contatore per sito" border="0">
    For these errors you need to change & to &amp;

    Also ... you have an XHTML strict doctype and you need to close <img ... > tags like this <img ... />

    EDIT: Bah ... the wiz beat me to it


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