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    Another Flash Issue that I can't think of a solution


    i've tons of swf files that r gonna be loaded in sequence (of course i add a load movie at the end of each file)
    now when tested live on the www...there's this quick pause between files...i know why it's there, the other movie is being loaded...and so on.

    it's an educational presentation so i shouldn't have those pauses in between no matter how little time it takes.

    any suggestions?
    Please i need to know ASAP
    Glad to be BACK

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    You are always going to have a 'latency' when loading more movies onto layers, as you have already pointed out... and this is going to vary from visit to visit and is purely down to server performance and the visitor recieving enough of the loading movie for it to start playing. There is NO escaping this Im afraid!

    However, if you put in action script to load the second movie near the start of the first movie, setting the layer to invisible that the second movie is being loaded into, it will almost certainly ensure that it is loaded (or loaded enough) to start playing straight away, without any latency... It's like pre-loading images, but with a Flash movie... but you can decide when it becomes visible (which would obviously be at the end of the first movie).

    Of course, if the second movie is too big, you will still get a latency, but that is one solution.

    Another is to bring all the movies into one swf... put in a small loader to let the first scene load completely, and then tell it to play (use the 'if frame label loaded')...then let the rest stream in. This way you can use common library elements, and possibly reduce the overall size of the movie. Of course, if they move too quick through the first scene, you have the danger of latency again, but as Im not familiar with the project, this is another solution.

    Hope these help, and good luck!
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