hello everyone

I have a bit of an issue. At work I have IE6 on a WIN XP machine and this script works just fine.

When I try to use it on my IE7/Vista machine it does not work and I get a javascript error saying there is a missing ')' with a Code 0 error.

Can someone please tell me where I have a missing ')' because I am lost.


<script language="JavaScript1.1" type="text/javascript">
/*create the initial array to hold the different records.*/

var aryLocation = new Array();

/*Now to bring in the data. This is a combination
of ColdFusion and JavaScript
We set a variable for our loop to insert the data.
The loop starts at zero because
JavaScript arrays start at zero.*/

<cfset Variables.JSLoop = 0>

/*The next lines create an array of 3 items in the outer array.
It could hold more than three items if we needed more than 3 selects
related. I have also included the NAMES that belong to the HUC IDs.*/

<cfloop query="getHUCS">
aryLocation[#Variables.JSLoop#] = new Array("#getHUCS.STATE_ABB#", "#getHUCS.HUC8_ID#" + ' ' + "#getHUCS.HUC8_NAME#", "#getHUCS.HUC12_ID#" + ' ' + "#getHUCS.HUC12_NAME#" + '-' + "#getHUCS.HUC_STATE_ID#");
<cfset Variables.JSLoop = Variables.JSLoop + 1>

/*This function takes four arguments.
They will be the STATE_ABB (the STATE_ABB select box), the HUC8_ID (the HUC8_ID select
box), the HUC12_ID (the HUC12_ID select box) and thisSel (the select box that actually
called for the change to occur).

local variables*/

function tsrUpdSelect(frstSel, scndSel, thrdSel, thisSel)
var i; var chkCty = "";

/*see if we just changed the first select box (STATE_ABB)*/

if(thisSel.name == frstSel.name)
/*set the length of the other selects to zero to empty them*/
scndSel.options.length = 0;
thrdSel.options.length = 0;

/*set the first option for each (being messages to do a select).*/

scndSel.options[scndSel.length] = new Option("Choose a HUC8", "");
thrdSel.options[thrdSel.length] = new Option("Choose HUC12s", "");

/*Now loop through and set the second option list (HUC8_ID).
If a STATE_ABB was chosen. There is also code to prevent duplicate
HUC8_IDs. This could happen if a HUC8_ID had multiple HUC12_IDs.*/

if(thisSel.options[thisSel.selectedIndex].value != "") {
for (i = 0; i < aryLocation.length; i++) {
if(aryLocation[i][0] == thisSel.options[thisSel.selectedIndex].value && chkCty.lastIndexOf(aryLocation[i][1]) == -1)
scndSel.options[scndSel.length] = new Option(aryLocation[i][1], aryLocation[i][1]); chkCty = chkCty + "," + aryLocation[i][1];

/*see if we just changed the second select box(HUC8_ID).*/

if(thisSel.name == scndSel.name) {

/*set the length of the third select to zero.*/
thrdSel.options.length = 0;

/*set the first option.*/

thrdSel.options[thrdSel.length] = new Option("Choose HUC12s", "");

/*set the rest of the values if a HUC8_ID was chosen.*/

for(i=0; i < aryLocation.length; i++)
if(aryLocation[i][0] == frstSel.options[frstSel.selectedIndex].value && aryLocation[i][1] ==
thrdSel.options[thrdSel.length] = new Option(aryLocation[i][2], aryLocation[i][2])


In advance, thanks to anyone who can spot this missing ')'