I recently discovered that my company website http://www.dma-animation.com doesn't work in Internet Explorer on Macs. The site is a flash movie with buttons that when clicked, open a new browser window to show content. (Upon entering the site, click on projects and try to select any project). It worked fine in the past, so I'm not sure what happened.

The script for the flash buttons are similar to this (with QT_SCRN and SCRNHTML being subfolders, and OZZY being the name of SCRN_03.htm):

on (release) 
And the html code is:
function openQTWindow(URLtoOpen2, windowName2, windowFeatures2)
    var breeds=screen.availWidth;
        //set max width&height
        var breed=Math.min((breeds-10), 565);
        var hoogs=screen.availHeight;
        var hoog=Math.min(hoogs, 344);
        //Set pos, and center
        var posX = ((breed<565)?0: (breeds-breed)/2);
        var posY = ((hoog<344)?0: (hoogs-hoog)/2-20);
        var posY = Math.max(0,posY);
        var movieWindow = window.open(URLtoOpen2,windowName2 ,windowFeatures2);

I have also tried this for the html:
function openQTWindow(theURL,winName,features) { //v2.0
 var posw = (screen.width - 565)/2; 
 var posv = (screen.height - 344)/2; 
 features = features + ",left=" + posw + ",top="+ posv + ',scrollbars=no,location=no,directories=no,status=no,menubar=no,toolbar=no,resizable=no';
These links work fine in Safari, Firefox and IE on PCs. If I try to open the window directly with no functions it works fine, but I need to be able to center and resize the window. Any ideas on what's wrong? Let me know if you need any more info from me! Thanks!