Im trying to validate this form.... for some reason, when i dont fill out any fields, yet i have the password field right, $ok == "true" when it should be false if no fields are filled out... Can anyone find the problem?

PHP Code:
$reply = "Please fill out the form below to add a new movie to the site.<br>";

    $pass = $_POST['pass'];
    $access = "123";
    $ok = "true";
    if($pass != $access){
        $ok = "false";
        $reply = $reply."<br> - The password you entered is incorrect. Please enter the correct password to continue<br>";
    } else {
        $title = $_POST['title'];
        $title = str_replace(" ", "_", $title);
        $year = $_POST['year'];
        $syn = $_POST['syn'];
        $blank = "";
        function validate($item){
            if($item == $blank){
                $ok = "false";
                $reply = $reply."<br> - You need to fill out all of the required fields.<br>";
    if($ok == "true"){
        $reply = "<b>Your movie information has been added successfully!</b>";
    } else if ($ok != "true"){
        $reply = $reply."<br> - Your movie info couldn't be added. Make sure you fill out all the required fields, and that the formats are right.<br>";

then it echo's the reply:

<div id="reply">
<p><strong>Form Guide<br />
</strong><? echo $reply; ?></p>