Hello all,

Has anyone done an integration with HSBC Secure Epayment system?

I am trying to integrate an online store scripted in php with HSBC secure epayment system. I'm having a problem, but before i go there let me tell you what i did so far using HSBC Integration guide:

copied sample.html file provided by HSBC into cgi-bin folder.
copied orderhash.e file provided by HSBC into the same directory as my web pages. (permissions 755)
copied results.e file provided by HSBC into cgi-bin folder. (permissions 755)
copied libCcCpiTools.so file into /usr/lib
assigned the path to the .so file to LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.
edited the sample.html so that the action in the form is "mydomain..../cgi-bin/orderhash.e AND the CPIReturnUrl field has the value of the url where results.e exists.

Now, I am supposed to run a test transaction by oppening the sample.html and submitting the form. this should execute the orderhash.e and do something......

I am stuck here. when I click submit on the form, i get the windows cannot open message. I have no idea how to open the file (according to the integration guide, you are suppose to click submit again when this file opens and this should take you to the HSBC payment website). I am not sure what a .e file is and how to open it and run it.

Now i did some search and i found that the orderhash.e needs to be in the cgi-bin folder. Now when I copy it there and run the sample, i get "not found: The requested URL /cgi-bin/CcOrderHash.e was not found on this server."