I am a photographer in the process of building a website for my company, Lenscapes, LLC. Iíve been taking photographs for over 30 years and decided to take advantage of the internet to market my work. I wanted to give my customers the opportunity to choose not only one of my photographs, but also the mat and frame of their choice. I hope to make my photographs available not only to the general public, but also to decorators and designers. I also do photo restoration, bringing old photographs back to their original look.

I am not a web designer, and never intended to be, but the way things turned out I have had to build my site myself with very little, but very expensive help. Almost all of it is built on trial and error, and a lot of error. I have been working in Dreamweaver 8 and know nothing about coding except what Dreamweaver puts in for me.

It is my hope that by joining in this forum I will be able to get some good advice on what I should and should not do in order to make my site workable. I have been working at it for over a year now and seem to keep running into brick walls.

I now have a problem that seems to need some scripting, possibly javascript. When it comes to scripting I havenít got a clue. Here is the link to the page Iím stuck on: ( http://www.lenscapesllc.com/FramingCenter.html ). Any help would be very much appreciated.
In Dreamweaver 8 how do I make a single table cell into an invisible button that will change the bg color of another table cell on a different html page without having the browser reload the page my visitors are changing the cell color on?
I am making a color chart that is a pop-up window to be used for selecting one of many colors as a background in one table cell on the main page. I need to have this change each time a visitor selects a different color
Does anyone know how to make this work?