I have a question about a SitePoint book by Patrick Lenz called Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications.
I think it's a great book, but I'm having some trouble with the controller tests in Chapter 7.

I get an error on test_should_show_story_vote_elements. The problem seems to be with getting the show page. In looking over what I've created based on the book's tutorial, this doesn't seem that surprising. If I go to http://localhost:3000/story/show/, I get an error message because the @story variable equals nil. The page show.rhtml requires that @story refer to something (it shows a score, which looks for @story.votes.count). But what if no story has been specified? You get a nil object and an error.
Any suggestions? Am I missing something?

Next, I kept getting an error regarding test_should_add_story. It looked to me as though the story was having trouble being added because no permalink attribute was included. I included one permalink => 'test-story') and it worked -- no more error.

For anyone familiar with this book, I'd really appreciate any suggestions!