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    Selecting Proper Menu Tab With Javascript


    I'm a PHP guy trying to grasp Javascript.

    My client needs a menu much like that of Sitepoint where a mouseover changes the tab. I've got that covered with aonmouseover / onmouseout.

    Now I'm trying to find the simplest way to select that particular tab.

    You can see what I mean by looking at Sitepoint's header now. Their "forums" link is bold, but if you click on home and visit the index page, the home link is now bold. Any code examples or recommendations of tutorials that will explain how to do this?

    I've got a feeling that this may be done with CSS and text and Sitepoint. The look my client wants requires the use of images.

    I'm considering about 10 different php methods that are way overkill (including using regex on the URL to determine the page I'm on, but I feel there is a better way with javascript). I'm just not sure how.

    Brandon Drury
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    Hi Brandon,

    Have a look at this demo


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