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    Question Add Edit Delete mysql with flash

    I am trying to make an online tool that you can log into, and make simple posts with....and I want to be able to edit these posts, or delete these posts that only you have posted,And I want an item search also for finding the items that you want to buy, that other people have posted, but you can't edit using a login.

    And I want to do this all in flash, which I know is possible..

    I have aim it is:surname45 if that helps you contact me with help!!

    someone else has posted this script I hope I can edit to use (but I only just learned how to make a mysql database and to contact the information with rudimentary php);

    posted this;


    // Define MYSQL Connection
    define ('MYSQL_HOST', 'localhost');
    define ('MYSQL_USER', 'user');
    define ('MYSQL_PASS', 'pass');
    define ('MYSQL_DB', 'boy');

    // Try to connect to the DB
    if (! mysql_connect(MYSQL_HOST, MYSQL_USER, MYSQL_PASS) )
    echo 'Failed to connect to: "On This Day Database."';

    // Select the appropriate db

    // Define date variables

    // Check to see if form was self-submitted
    if ($HTTP_POST_VARS['do']=='submit')
    // Add the passed data (if any) to fill the form

    function show_edit_form($entry)
    $id = $entry[0];
    $month = $entry[1];
    $day = $entry[2];
    $year = $entry[3];
    $content = $entry[4];
    $link = $entry[5];
    $date_added = $entry[6];

    <form method="POST" action='<? echo $PHP_SELF ?>' name="edit_form">
    <input type="hidden" name="do" value="submit">

    Entry ID: <? echo $id ?><br>
    Date Entered: <? echo date("F d, Y - h:iA", $date_added) ?><p>

    <select name="month" value="<? echo $month ?>">
    <option value="January"<? if ($month=="January") { echo " selected"; } ?>>January</option>
    <option value="February"<? if ($month=="February") { echo " selected"; } ?>>February</option>
    <option value="March"<? if ($month=="March") { echo " selected"; } ?>>March</option>
    <option value="April"<? if ($month=="April") { echo " selected"; } ?>>April</option>
    <option value="May"<? if ($month=="May") { echo " selected"; } ?>>May</option>
    <option value="June"<? if ($month=="June") { echo " selected"; } ?>>June</option>
    <option value="July"<? if ($month=="July") { echo " selected"; } ?>>July</option>
    <option value="August"<? if ($month=="August") { echo " selected"; } ?>>August</option>
    <option value="September"<? if ($month=="September") { echo " selected"; } ?>>September</option>
    <option value="October"<? if ($month=="October") { echo " selected"; } ?>>October</option>
    <option value="November"<? if ($month=="November") { echo " selected"; } ?>>November</option>
    <option value="December"<? if ($month=="December") { echo " selected"; } ?>>December</option>
    <select name="day">
    while ($i <= 31)
    if ($i==$day)
    echo "<option value=\"$i\" selected>$i</option>\n";
    echo "<option value=\"$i\">$i</option>\n";
    <input type="text" name="year" onkeyup="this.value=this.value.replace(/\D/g,'')"

    onchange="this.value=this.value.replace(/\D/g,'')" maxlength="4" size="2" value="<? echo $year ?>">
    On This Day Entrybr>
    <textarea rows="10" cols="30" name="content">
    <? echo $content ?>
    <input type="text" name="link" value="<? echo $link ?>">
    <input type="submit" value="Save Changes" name="submit">
    <input type="reset" value="Clear Info" name="reset">

    function db_filldata($value)
    // Send SQL query
    $sql = "SELECT *, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(date_added) AS date_added FROM on_this_day WHERE id = '" . $value . "'";
    $result = mysql_query($sql);

    while ($line = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {

    $GLOBALS['entry'] = $entry;

    function submit_edit($variables)
    mysql_query("UPDATE on_this_day SET month='{$variables['month']}' WHERE id='{$variables['id']}'");
    echo "<font size='4' face='arial'><b>The entry has been updated.</b></font><p>\n";
    echo "<a href='view_day.php' alt='View Entries'>View Entries</a>\n";
    echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;\n";
    echo "<a href='add_day.php' alt='Add Entry'>Add Entry</a>";

    sinapra replied;

    you can include all the possible things like, delete, update into one form and on submit can workout with them. What I did is, when you have such a situation and submitting it to the same form, you can add simple 'Button' instead of 'Submit'. Then, the user clicks on a button which would redirect him to the same page, you can set the conditions as per the button he has clicked, say :
    <input type=button name=insert>
    <input type=button name=delete>
    <input type=button name=update>

    Now, on top of the page, you can check for the button which has been clicked,
    conditions with queries you want}
    else if(isset($delete)){
    and so on.

    I hope that can help you

    Its Great to work and Be Merry!!!!!!!!
    Last edited by epiphany77; Mar 17, 2007 at 16:23. Reason: small touch up of what I want to get done and to take out faulty links


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