Hi all,

The last thing I want here is to start a flame war PHP vs. .NET, however, we are faced with making that decision in my office.

I am in the starting phase of writing up a proposal and would like to get some input from others that may have gone through this situation.

I'm a PHP proponent, and have been arguing to go PHP for about a year now. I am almost done with a PHP project that is being regarded by management as a trial run. At the end of this project I want to submit a proposal as to why we should go with PHP instead of .NET. (There are no past ties to .NET as existing web apps were all coded in classic ASP.)

Here are my thoughts:
  • With the addition of ZEND Platform debugging becomes a sinch, and maintenance is easy. Also faster response times for critical events.
  • Lower learning curve for developers.
  • With the implementation of a framework, less coding is neaded, and productivity is heightened.
  • Straighforward way to do rollouts (.NET can have some complications with making sure the right version of DLLs are in the GAC, etc.).
  • Cost saving (using open source product) with greater level of support.