I'm having quite the problem with IE7. I have to create a scrolling text box for a client. This scrolling text box moves <p> blocks inside a container, based on the width of the <p>, the left position of the <p> and the width of the container.

However, I'm having a problem with IE7 because the <p> block has a width of auto. Now Firefox calculates the pixel dimensions of all elements and makes them accessible through the defaultView.getComputedStyle(); so it offers no problems. IE6 and its broken box model are fed a small integer ex width:200px; and it is stretched to fit the content. So it also is no trouble, as it just adjusts its small integer value to be larger.

However, IE7 has fixed the broken box model that IE6 had, so I cannot pass it a CSS width:value, as it will render that value. However, when the property is set to auto, it doesn't make any integer value of the width available, any where that I can find. So does anyone know how I can determine the length of a box without having to declare its width?