Hey folks,

I've just started working on a module for the Drupal CMS where I want to create a GUI for moving Book.module pages around. Currently doing such a move is slightly onerous, and moving multiple pages around can take quite a while.

I've got a page set up with two nested lists like so:

  • Book One A
    • Book One Child 1
      • Book One Child 1 Descendant a
      • Book One Child 1 Descendant b
      • Book One Child 1 Descendant c
    • Book One Child 2
    • Book One Child 3
  • Book One B
  • Book One C

  • Book Two A
  • Book Two B
    • Book Two Child 1
    • Book Two Child 2
    • Book Two Child 3
  • Book Two C
    • Book Two Child 4
    • Book Two Child 5

What I want to be able to do is to sort between lists, and between the multiple levels of the lists. Ideally, I'd like to be able to completely re-order these list items in anyway the user so chooses, even being able to create a new top-level list if necessary (which would correspond to a new book being made).

I've found some methods for sorting single lists, and some experimentation for sorting between two lists, but I've seen nothing for such a complicated sorting. Any suggestions?