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    [rails] Open Source Project Advice

    hi all,

    i have an idea that i want to develop and open source. it is a learning framework. basically, i'll store 1 category, a question, 1 right answer, 3 wrong answers and 1 explanation of the right answer in a database.

    a teacher would be able to input the appropriate material and then his/her students would have access to the questions, the answers and the explanations.

    the student would be able to to pick a category, decide how many of the total questions they'd like to get in a "study block" and then they answer the questions, see the right answer and explanation if they are wrong, and get a score at the end.

    wash, rinse repeat until the student basically owns the material.

    i took this style of learning to pass a real estate exam and it well. i started at around 50% but ended up near 100%. i took the test, was the first one done (out of 100+) and passed (50% failed).

    anyway, i'm looking for any insight how to get such a project started. does rubyforge take on such projects?

    i think it would be pretty cool and the learning framework could be applied to just about anything.

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    you could also go with or tigris. is pretty easy to get accepted.

    My wife's a teacher, so let me know if and when you get a project up and I'll help out where I can.


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