I need to be able to automate the testing of web based gui interfaces. The application is based on J2EE and struts.

Basicly i have to populate 1000 of data via the web interface and im looking for an easier way to do this. I have looked into tools like httpunit, htmlunit, jwebunit but most of them do not actually test the user interface but rather work with requests. They also dont work well with javascript as i have a lot of javascript on the client side (Strut validator)

I've also had a look at selenium it does do what i want it to do but it fails when https is used or redirection is involved. It also struggles in applications that use the client side struts validator.

Are there any other alternatives?

Im thinking of implementing it myself but not sure where to start? Is the best option javascript? Can javascript be used to control forms in another window?

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.