I have been building a web application that manages clients and their candidates who register with them on a website. Now I am looking to develop an internal message system that will have the hotmail/yahoo type functionality and be able to send alerts via external emails to the recipient letting them know they have a new message on the internal mail system.
Think this is clear enough and not exactly rocket science.
The only problem is that the applicaton ideally needs to be able to pick up email sent from or to a imap (or possibly a pop mail account), to ensure if emai conversation occurs "outside" of the application that this is stored on the internal message system too! I have begun looking at asp.net components that can connect to imap/pop accounts and I thought about simply searching for the relevant email addresses to decide whether to "import" the messages into the internal mail system.
Anyone experience a similar project or have thoughts on whether this is a suitable or even possible prospect?